Trade Cryptocurrencies with ready to use strategies and share only the profit you earn!


Do you know about cryptocurrencies? Do you know about trading? Or you are just simply interested to have your first reliable and successful investment?

Believe us, we are the first that will give you an easy to use, free to access, protected investment platform. You can start trading immediately or if you have your own strategy already worked out, set it up and you are ready to go.



Are you a professional who is familiar with trading, exchanges and cryptocurrencies? But maybe you are not a professional coder and software developer. Maybe you are, but don’t like the hassle every time you have to adjust your code and hate to miss opportunities. And more than anything else: maybe you want to have a business built upon your knowledge. Are we right?



We offer a cloud based approach with all the necessary tools and services, so everyone can have access to great opportunities, no matter if they are here to TRADE or to make BUSINESS.

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There is one more thing left…
The title already gives it away, so it is not a secret. But we think, access to free trading shouldn’t be exclusive to us or anyone else. For that we are making our whole system available for white labeling.

We are looking forward to bring our system to everyone.

Please contact us for details.


We have a robust API, that can be adjusted easily to almost any existing and future cryptocurrency exchanges around the world.

We are using standard REST and WEBSOCKET API to execute the orders discovered and made by our clients. We are using standard parameters, that only need order book data.



To support our long term goals we have decided to create an ERC-20 utility token on the Ethereum blockchain.

Crowdfunding and sale events to be announced to all who have subscribed to our newsletter.

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