Are you a professional who is familiar with trading, exchanges and cryptocurrencies? But maybe you are not a professional coder and software developer? Maybe you are, but don’t like the hassle every time you have to adjust your code and hate to miss opportunities. And more than anything else: maybe you want to have a business built upon your knowledge. Are we right?

Well. You are at the right place. We have everything you might need: an easy to use system, free and optimized tools, a community of people willing to trade and a whole ecosystem to suit your needs.


For a single 99 USD annual licensing fee you can get the opportunity to share your creations with a worldwide community of willing and capable investors seeking profitable strategies.




99 (annually)



TradeStore™ access


TradeBuilder™ access


System share


Minimum investment

1.200 USD

Capital protection



 We continuously monitor the performance of every shared TradeScripts™ in the TradeStore™ and alert Experts to maintain or correct the profitability and risk ranking to be able to keep those in store.

With this, you get double the TradeSlots™ that Serious clients for one tenth of the minimum investment. For that we only ask for at least 1 TradeScript™ to be shared continuously in the TradeStore™.

 Unmaintained or rank decreasing TradeScripts™ will be suspended until they are profitable again – this is for everyones best interest: clients, experts and ourselves.

Extended profit share

 Investors share their profit with a ratio regarding their licensing at first:


Then experts share 50% of their gains back to us.

We use the so-called high watermark calculation model. 
So no one pays after loss, but every profit must be shared.