We offer a cloud based approach, with all the necessary tools and services, so everyone can have access to great opportunities, no matter if they are here to TRADE or to make BUSINESS. 

To achieve this, we have built a scalable modular system, that is accessible from a website, desktop and mobile app for major operating systems (Desktop: Windows, Mac, Linux; Mobile: Android, iOS), however we think, building should be limited to desktop, but browsing the store, accessing portfolio can bring a very easy mobile experience.


Signaling Middleware Layer

This is the backbone of our system. We have built an extensive background to host all the signals of every strategy created and allowed in the store. So every time a client chooses a TradeScript™ he or she joins a streaming channel of possibilities, signed by signals of buy or trade positions on the market.

But we also host our Execution Agents here, who are keeping count of all the clients and what strategy they are running. In case of a matching strategy, they execute the order by the parameters of that one.


Trading strategies put together inside our ECOSYSTEM, so they run optimized and smooth, free from every type of unnecessary code. They are pure descriptions of the strategy feeded into the Middleware to process it. Strategies are being monitored to keep all our clients safe, avoiding losing capital or having less than 12% annually (that is our lowest and minimum, that gets the worst score). Sometimes strategies have a minimum capital to run smoothly.


Trading is happening on them. Clients, with available deposit can have more than one, depending on their licensing levels. Slots can run different strategies parallelly. Clients only have to assign chosen strategies and necessary minimum capital (100 USD or what the TradeScript™ asks for) to the slot and it is ready to run in real time.


We have built an impressive tool, that is freely available for everyone who is using PLANEMO. This tool helps everyone, who understands the basics of trading to put together different type of strategies, like:

  • Scalpers

  • Breakouts

  • Analytical

  • Algorithmic

  • Technicals

  • Custom

And more are coming… We are openly listening to our community, so please share every idea and we will listen to it and extend strategy types with time.


Imagine a place filled with different type of curated and controlled strategies, that are capable of a minimum of 12% annual return. Imagine, that you can just click and use all these strategies in 1 minute after you have chosen (assuming you already have the necessary capital deposited).


We continuously monitor available TradeScripts™ to protect our client’s investments and capital, so only profitable strategies will be allowed to share. To achieve this we have integrated a powerful back-testing and forward testing system, that gives a tool in the hand of every builder to have a deeper insight into the strategy and its possibilities without risking money. And we also have a ranking system to evaluate profitability and risk ratios to help our clients to decide which strategy or strategies to choose. Under 12% of annual profit we won’t allow any strategy to be listed and distributed in the TradeStore™.


Order execution is very important during trading in order to have success and gain profit. When many people are using a strategy it might happen, that not everyone gets its order executed within the optimal signal window. We have a subsystem, that tracks order execution and TradeScript™ owners successful trading and those, who have not got the chance at a certain signal will be provided priority at the next one. This allows everyone to gain profit, but eliminated the problem of bottlenecking at execution.